CDT Completes Statewide Email Migration to Microsoft Office 365 Government Cloud


The California Department of Technology (CDT) has completed a nearly two-year long effort to migrate the state’s two largest email systems to Microsoft’s Office 365 Government Cloud.

Close collaboration with participating departments and our Microsoft partners enabled the success of this project. In less than two years CDT moved 198,291 mailboxes across 78 departments to Microsoft’s Government Cloud. CDT targeted smaller departments to start so that any potential hang ups could be identified and addressed. By the time CDT engaged some of the state’s larger departments, staff were armed with a refined, efficient, repeatable process that ensured a smooth and successful migration.

Unifying such a large amount of our state workforce on a common email platform strengthens the state’s security posture by allowing for closer integration with the state’s security monitoring platforms. Staff at the CDT Security Operations Center (SOC), which monitors internet traffic on our statewide network as well as other systems managed by CDT, are currently working with Microsoft to get visibility for departments who desire security monitoring of their email systems.

Finally, the statewide platform enhances reliability of service by allowing for greater collaboration and streamlined communication among state employees. With a common suite of modern business tools and applications, employees will be better positioned than ever to deliver on our shared goal of improving the lives of all Californians.