CA Department of Technology to Host New Portal

The Government Operations Agency today announced the launch of a new open data portal that focuses on allowing citizens to more easily explore, understand and use data.
California piloted the first statewide open data portal,, with data sets and results from the GreenGov Challenge, a code-a-thon built around sustainability data sets hosted on the pilot site. GovOps is now moving the open data portal to an open source platform (DKAN) to ensure the longevity of continuous efforts to make government more open and efficient.
“The state has unparalleled data resources. By relaunching our data portal in open source technology, we are publishing data in a way that allows any citizen of California to easily unlock its value,” GovOps Secretary Marybel Batjer said.
To effectively manage the improved statewide portal it will be moved to the Department of Technology’s (CDT’s) Office of Digital Innovation, alongside the state’s Innovation Lab. The new location within the CDT will allow customers, civil coders and government entities to create innovative solutions to their government business challenges.
“The CDT is excited to continue its partnership with GovOps and host these data sets on a new open source platform,” said Scott Gregory, CDT’s Deputy Director of the Office of Digital Innovation. “This will allow California to take another step in the direction of more efficient and sustainable technology projects to the benefit of all taxpayers and state government.”
In the coming months, GovOps and the CDT will work with departments and agencies across the executive branch to continuously add more data sets to the portal.
“This effort represents the next logical step in our open data work,” said Zachary Townsend, the state’s recently appointed Chief Data Officer. “DKAN is not just an open source solution; it’s the best tool we’ve found to support our efforts to make the state’s data assets more accessible through visual, compelling stories.”
GovDelivery supported GovOps and the CDT in configuring and launching the open source open data platform DKAN.
“This portal unlocks massive potential for the state of California. We are proud to support such an innovative government project and look forward to continuing to driving citizen engagement through open data,” said Sid Burgess, Senior Open Data Consultant with GovDelivery.