The California Department of Technology released Technology Letter (TL) 16-07 announcing the fourth and final stage of the Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL).  Stage 4 Project Readiness and Approval provides a basis for how the intended awardee will contribute towards the successful achievement of the project’s business objectives and yield the highest probability of success.  Stage 4 will also help ensure the Agency/state entity’s readiness to execute the project and establish realistic schedule and cost baselines.  State Administrative Manual (SAM) Chapter 4900 includes policy refinements and Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) Sections 05A, 10, 19, 170 and 180 include new templates, instructions and supporting documentation.  While this release constitutes the final stage of the PAL, continuous improvement will remain a core component of the state’s new IT project approval process.  The CDT will continuously review the process and make frequent enhancements to respond to evolving technology and Agency/state entity feedback.

The TL 16-07 is available on the Department of Technology’s website located at:

Questions regarding this TL should be directed to the Department of Technology, Information Technology Project Oversight Division (ITPOD) Manager.