The California Department of Technology (CDT) has released the Storms.Ca.Gov website to help Californians prepare for major storms predicted for this winter that could bring flooding, mud slides and power outages. Office of the State Geographic Information Officer developed the site in less than a month using the state’s official website template.

Storms.Ca.Gov provides information for individual storm preparation, current weather and road conditions throughout the state, facts on state emergency storm preparedness and links to local government resources. Users can find details on how to develop an emergency plan, tips for traffic safety in bad weather and much more. The site is updated constantly as new information is available so the site is always current.

Additionally, Climatechange.Ca.Gov was updated using the new official state website template for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. CDT collaborated with the Governor’s Office of Policy and Research, the California Environmental Protection Agency and the California Energy Commission to update California’s Climate Change Portal.

Both sites use a responsive design platform that allows the sites to be easily viewed on all mobile platforms and devices.