New Rates

The California Department of Technology (CDT) announced the new rate structure for CalCloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). CDT renegotiated its IaaS contract with IBM, which sharply reduced the rates. Other changes include: additional security features, hybrid services, streamlined processes and more opportunities for vendors to be a part of CalCloud.


Based on customer input, the following IaaS service updates have been implemented:

  • AIX service available for tenants as of 10/1.
  • As of 10/7, the Development and Test environments have been implemented for the CalCloud Portal. This enables regression and end-to-end testing as future services are deployed.
  • Tenant server DR Test was completed on 10/16.

Vendor/Partner Forum

On September 21, 2015, CDT hosted a vendor/partner forum to define the improved onboarding process for vendors to participate in CalCloud. The state intends to act as a broker of different cloud services and solutions, offered by multiple cloud providers. Based on customer and vendor input, the first areas to be addressed are

  • HR Supplemental Tools
  • Identify Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Collaboration
  • CRM

There will also be new opportunities for multiple vendors to provide assessment and migration services for onboarding customers into CalCloud. For more information, go to the CalCloud landing page.

Changes to CalCloud come after talking to vendors and State AIOs and CIOs and are being implemented to meet the customer’s IT business needs. These changes also create additional opportunities for companies to compete for the State’s cloud business.

Government customers interested in CalCloud should contact the Department of Technology for more information.