SACRAMENTO — The California Department of Technology today released a significantly enhanced California Enterprise Architecture Framework, referred to as CEAF 2.0.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) identifies the business processes that execute or support an organization’s mission and defines how Information Technology (IT) assets directly enable those processes. The purpose of EA is to optimize and transform the often fragmented processes, information, application systems and technologies into an efficient and integrated environment supportive of the execution of business strategy.

CEAF 2.0 is intended to assist the State agencies in defining, implementing, maintaining and using the Enterprise Architecture (EA) effectively to support the achievement of desired business outcomes – to efficiently and effectively deliver government services. It also facilitates consistent and uniform implementation of the EA programs across State agencies through a service-oriented approach to EA work, by defining eight EA services and providing guidance to deliver those services.

“An effective EA will ensure IT solutions are more pertinent and relevant for the business. The CEAF 2.0 is a much needed EA framework that enables State agencies to develop and use EA effectively and efficiently,” said California Department of Technology Director and State CIO Carlos Ramos. “I encourage you to utilize the CEAF 2.0 guidance to establish or further strengthen your EA programs.”

The release of the CEAF 2.0 is the first of four phases in updating the State of California’s EA programs. Further guidance will be released shortly through Reference Architectures (RAs). RAs are the means through which CEAF 2.0 provides best-practice-based architectural solutions to build or harvest core business and IT capabilities that can be reused and shared throughout the State government. They are a key part of CEAF’s approach to progressively mature EA in the State of California. RAs are also a key input to the State agency architects in creating their agency’s target EA.

CEAF 2.0 is available online here.

A message from the Director and California State CIO, on the release of CEAF 2.0, is available online here.