California Department of Technology

1325 J Street, Suite 1600 | Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone (916) 319-9223 | Fax (916) 324-1734

SACRAMENTO – In accordance with the Governor’s Reorganization Plan 2, the California Technology Agency officially became the new California Department of Technology today.  One of eight departments within the new Government Operations Agency, the Department of Technology’s physical office locations and contact information remain unchanged.

Under the Governor’s Reorganization Plan, the Department of Technology’s authority, jurisdiction and mission remain exactly the same – to provide Californians with the best, most reliable and secure services and information.  The streamlined alignment within the Government Operations Agency will allow for more efficient collaboration and enhance the success of California’s information technology (IT) projects.

Director Carlos Ramos continues as California’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and as a member of the Governor’s Cabinet.  He will continue to lead the offices and divisions within the California Department of Technology, including:

  • Office of Technology Services (OTech)                     
  • IT Project Oversight and Consulting Division         
  • Statewide Technology Procurement Division         
  • California Information Security Office                     
  • Digital Education Office                                               
  • Broadband and Digital Literacy Office                     
  • Office of IT Professional Development                     


Today’s reorganization also includes the:

Previously within the Department of General Services, the Department of Technology is now responsible for procurement of the State’s largest IT projects

 Last July, the Legislature approved the Governor’s Reorganization Plan 2.  The Governor’s plan changes the reporting relationships of dozens of entities to improve coordination and efficiency and make government more responsive to the public.  According to the Little Hoover Commission, the Governor’s plan represents the most ambitious of the 36 reorganizations they have reviewed since 1968.  A summary of the plan can be found here. The plan in full can be found here.