SACRAMENTO — The California Technology Agency today released its annual Information Technology Strategic Plan Update.  The 2013 update provides a vision to guide State government in harnessing the promise of technology to enhance the reliability and efficiency of State programs and improve the delivery of services to all Californians.

“The 2013 Technology Strategic Plan reaffirms California’s priority to deliver thoughtful, innovative and quality solutions that  Californians can trust, rely on and use to improve their daily lives,” said California Technology Agency Secretary Ramos.

“I look forward to working with the State’s public-sector leaders and private-sector partners to implement this plan.  California’s success is contingent on collaboration to tackle challenges as well as create opportunities together.”

The 2013 update builds on the direction established in the 2012 plan and further specifies the five strategic goals of the State, as well as five guiding principles for State government agencies to consider when making decisions about technology.  The update also introduces a new vision statement for California’s information technology community.

2013 Strategic Goals:

1)    Responsive, Accessible and Mobile Government

2)    Results Through Leadership and Collaboration

3)    Efficient, Consolidated and Reliable Infrastructure and Services

4)    Information is an Asset

5)    Capable Information Technology Workforce


The 2013 California Information Technology Strategic Plan is available online here.