Attorney General Kamala Harris and Public Safety Communications Office Director Karen Wong

SACRAMENTO – Public Safety Communications Office (PSCO) Director Karen Wong was appointed by Attorney General Kamala Harris to the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) Advisory Committee.  CLETS is essential in maintaining and improving public and officer safety each day statewide in California.

California law requires the Department of Justice to maintain a statewide telecommunications system.  CLETS is California’s high speed message computer network of local, state and federal databases and systems.  Since its creation in 1970, CLETS has served as the backbone for the exchange of crucial information that California law enforcement agencies need to efficiently investigate crimes, successfully solve crimes and protect officer safety.

The CLETS Advisory Committee advises the Attorney General on the proper collection, storage, dissemination and security of CLETS data. The committee members also advise the Attorney General on the system’s operating policies, effectiveness of services provided by the Department of Justice and appropriate disciplinary measures for violations of use.

CLETS Advisory Committee members serve at the pleasure of the Attorney General and receive no compensation