First Phase of CALNET 3 Procurement Completed In Three Months

SACRAMENTO – The California Technology Agency’s Office of Telecommunications Procurement announced today that 21 vendors received Pre-qualified Multiple Award Contracts (PMAC), marking completion of CALNET 3’s first procurement phase. By increasing the number of pre-qualified bidders, the CALNET 3 procurement continues to focus on strengthening bid competition to drive down total costs to the state and, ultimately, California taxpayers.

The 21 awarded agreements were based on an innovative and competitive procurement process designed to pre-qualify multiple prospective telecommunications vendors who demonstrated exceptional compliance with administrative requirements and the ability to be a responsible bidder. In the coming months, the pre-qualified bidders list will be refreshed to add new vendors to ensure that constant pools of pre-qualified bidders are available to meet California’s telecommunication needs.

Completed in only three months, the pre-qualification process was launched July 16, 2012 and closed on September 14, 2012. In August, the Office of Telecommunications Procurement conducted a two-day pre-bidders conference, attended by 40 companies, to help streamline the requirements, increase vendor participation and reduce bidder administrative errors.

CALNET 3 will replace the state’s current telecommunications contract, CALNET 2, and provide the next generation of telecommunications services for state and local agencies. CALNET 2 was awarded in January 2007 and consists of four Master Service Agreements. There are approximately 211 State and 1710 non-state agencies using CALNET 2 services.

The CALNET 3 procurements will solicit competition on multiple categories of telecommunications goods and services by using a streamlined process that will allow for the procurement of the most advanced technologies and services available, in less time. The Office of Telecommunications Procurement will release four Invitations for Bids for CALNET 3 in the coming months, with the first scheduled to be announced at the end of November 2012.

The Office of Telecommunications Procurement was established in February of this year at the California Technology Agency.