The Technology Agency’s Public Safety Communications Office (PSCO) is pursuing the military community to hire veterans with highly qualified communications skills through the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). The TAP is a partnership among the Departments of Labor, Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs established to offer job search assistance and related services to separating service members during the transition away from active service and into civilian life. The TAP provides this employment and training information to armed forces members and their eligible spouses within one year of their separation or two years of their retirement from the military.

By developing partnerships with the TAP administrators, the PSCO will provide service members with a transition to the commercial sector in various locations throughout the state. With the ability to effectively recruit for communications professionals stationed throughout the State ofCalifornia, potential candidates may be located very near their current residence, allowing the State to fill vacancies in areas for which it is normally difficult to recruit.

The PSCO is actively participating in career fairs and recruitment events throughout the state. PSCO recently participated in Travis Air Force Base’s May 3, 2012 Career Fair and a similar event at Beale Air Force Base on June 7, 2012, providing brochures and information pertaining to current and upcoming vacancies for all relevant classifications in our organization. The next scheduled event will take place tomorrow (July 19th) at the National Support Activity Facility in Monterey,CA.