On Sunday, June 24, 2012, the Public Safety Communications Office (PSCO) deployed three Telecommunication Technicians to the Hill Fire in Ventura County approximately 10 miles southeast of Frazier Park.

The PSCO Telecommunications Technician’s duties when deployed to a fire consist of programming, repair and deployment of all types of communications equipment such as mobiles and portable radios, radio consoles, RAWS (weather stations), National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) cache radio equipment as well as installation of radio communications repeaters. Installation of the radio communications repeaters around the fire line provide the backbone for the incident radio system; technicians are transported to mountaintops in four wheel drive vehicles and/or helicopters to install these repeaters.

Once the Incident Command Center is established, the PSCO Telecommunications Technician reports directly to the Communications Unit Leader. The technician then begins the coordination and programming of various different fire services radios based on the communications plan developed for the incident. This way all fire services personnel and first responders can communicate on the same radio frequency.

PSCO Telecommunications Technicians will stay on these fires 24 hours a day until they are demobilized.