The California Technology Agency today launched a newly redesigned state portal, With enhanced search capabilities, the new portal makes services and information easier than ever to find. The portal includes a responsive and touch-friendly design, innovative data and social media dashboards, and instant search that displays results on a map.

“With more than 2.4 million visits a month now coming from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, we focused our redesign on Californians on the move,” said Carlos Ramos, Secretary of the California Technology Agency.

Innovative dashboards serve up real-time, rich infographics and statistics, illustrating how California’s citizens, businesses, and visitors are doing business with the state via the web.

Key features of the new portal include:

  • Responsive and touch-friendly design
  • Innovative dashboard displays of near real-time analytics
  • Extensive use of dynamic news, video, and social media feeds
  • Mobile application gallery, which features mobile apps from 27 state departments

With more than 10.6 million unique visitors a month, the portal provides access to more than 8.5 million pages of information, services, and online transactions in 54 languages, including:

  • More than 100 million open data records for reuse on
  • Nearly 300 news, video, and social media feeds aggregated into a central news hub,
  • A live help operator available to chat
  • 130 Twitter accounts, with total of 1.6 million followers
  • 70 YouTube channels, with a total of 29.7 million video views
  • 80 Facebook pages, with a total of 576,000 fans