SACRAMENTO — The California Technology Agency today released its annual Information Technology Strategic Plan.  The 2012 plan provides a vision to guide California’s acquisition, management and use of technology, enabling the state to fulfill its responsibility to efficiently deliver essential government services and information to all Californians.

“The 2012 Information Technology Strategic Plan begins to shift the focus of how the state measures its information technology investments to program outcomes and the daily impact of technology on the lives of Californians,” Technology Agency Secretary Carlos Ramos said.

The 2012 plan rationalizes strategies articulated in previous plans, as well as addresses the most pressing issues to the state government and its technology community.   The plan outlines five strategic goals, as well as six guiding principles for state government to consider when making decisions about technology.

“I welcome the release of this strategic plan because it’s a step in the right direction for state government.  With this collaborative vision, we can achieve outcomes that really matter for Californians,” said Andrew Armani, Deputy Secretary for Information Technology at the State and Consumer Services Agency.

The 2012 California Information Technology Strategic Plan is available for download here.