The California Technology Agency has partnered with agency and department Chief Information Officers in a major initiative to review and improve current information technology (IT) policies and the state’s IT project lifecycle.  As part of this effort, the Technology Agency has established the Technology Letter (TL)—which replaces the previous IT Policy Letter (ITPL)—and today announces the release of four TLs:

• TL 11-1 revises the process for developing changes to the State Administrative Manual (SAM) and the Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM).

• TL 11-2 postpones the required submission of the 2012 IT Cost Report to the Technology Agency until a later date in 2012, to be announced. 

• TL 11-3 rescinds ITPL 11-05, 11-01 and 09-06, eliminating the requirement for departments and agencies to prepare IT Acquisition Plans.

• TL 11-4 increases delegated cost threshold assignments for specified departments.

These TLs are available on the Technology Agency website located at:  Technology Letters.   They represent the first installment in the Policy and Project Lifecycle Improvement initiative, a holistic review of state IT policy and project lifecycle processes to ensure they provide value and meet their intended purpose in the most efficient manner.