On June 15, Robert Schmidt starts his new position as agency chief information officer (AIO) for the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). As the Agency’s CIO, he will be responsible for coordinating technology activities at his agency both internally and with statewide stakeholders. He will also be responsible for leading chief information officers of 31 unaffiliated departments, boards and commissions including the California Arts Council, California Horse Racing Board, California State Lottery and Public Employment Relations Board, among others.

“On behalf of the Technology Agency, we are very proud to see Robert move to this important position where he will continue to apply his talent and strong work ethic to improving the delivery of the CDFA’s vital programs and services to Californians through the application of information technology,” said Adrian Farley, State Chief Technology Officer. “Robert deserves all of our thanks for his hard work and dedication to the state’s enterprise technology initiatives.”

At the California Technology Agency, Schmidt served as the principal manager responsible for the IT consolidation program, an assignment he began in 2009. He has led several statewide initiatives including efforts focused on green IT, data storage, server virtualization and the statewide data storage procurement in collaboration with Department of General Services.

Schmidt entered state service from the private sector in 1994. Since then, he has worked for several departments and state data centers, most recently at the Franchise Tax Board.

Schmidt says he is excited to work for a department that delivers the “California Agricultural Vision” to a healthier state and world.