California’s website recently picked up another award, recognizing state government’s innovations in using technology to reduce cost AND improve service to Californians. The most recent recognition came on May 24, 2011, when the Public Technology Institute (PTI) awarded California’s mobile site for its use of Web 2.0 technologies. The site serves the state’s burgeoning community of smartphone users with a website that quickly and efficiently serves nearly all types of smartphones and mobile devices. This gives Californians quick access to government services and information any time, from anywhere.

California’s site is comprised of more than 40 web-based mobile apps with interactive web functionalities like Twitter and Facebook. Users can click to call or email agencies, get directions, or look up quick information, such as tax refund status. Don’t worry about downloading an app, the mobile site uses location-aware technology to pinpoint a user’s specific location to provide the nearest government field office or other popular resources (e.g., parks, hospitals, schools, current traffic conditions) in the immediate vicinity.

The PTI award shows that California’s win in the 2010 Best of the Web was no fluke. The Web is no longer a series of single initiatives. The Web has become a strategic method for the state to do business, by leveraging technology to reduce costs while improving service to Californians.