On May 9, the Center for Digital Government announced the 2011 Best of California Awards to honor excellence in California’s state and local IT projects. One of the critical awards was given for California Franchise Tax Board’s (FTB) E-Commerce Portal Infrastructure (EPI) Project, which won for the Most Innovative Use of Technology.

The FTB administers taxes that generate up to $60 billion annually, up to 65% of California’s General Fund. FTB’s e commerce applications are its main channel for serving its customers. If FTB’s network goes down, California’s General Fund could suffer. FTB needed to ensure that the network would remain secure and easily manageable while accommodating growth or changes in programs.

The EPI Project accomplishes all of these goals, making FTB the first state agency in the nation to implement an e-commerce infrastructure of this magnitude. EPI provides a network that is secure, manageable and easy and inexpensive to accommodate future growth. Most importantly, EPI provides an ecommerce platform so taxpayers can use FTB’s efficient e-government services with confidence, allowing FTB to effectively collect revenue for the state.