Last week the Center for Digital Government announced that the California Department of Fish and Game’s (DFG) Automated License Data System (ALDS) won a 2011 Best of California award for the Best Application Serving the Public. The ALDS won the award because it makes it easier for hunters or anglers to get or renew hunting or fishing licenses while streamlining the license process for license agents and the DFG.

The ALDS answers the requests of hunters and anglers who want to go to one place to get hunting or fishing licenses, and who want to purchase licenses over the Internet. Until ALDS, hunters or anglers had to fill out new forms each year to renew their licenses and sometimes needed to go to multiple locations for licenses, and could not purchase licenses online.

The system addresses all these needs by electronically linking computer terminals to a central database at each license location and allowing Internet sales and issuing of fishing and hunting licenses. ALDS:

* Eliminates the manual paper process to issue licenses.

* Makes licenses available at retail locations that used to require a hunter to go to a DFG office.

* Makes licenses available for sale at any time via the Internet or telephone.

* Allows customers to enter drawings or obtain drawing results online or at an agent location, rather than going to a DFG office.

* Makes subsequent year purchases and duplicate license sales faster and easier because customer data is stored securely and retrieved instantly, eliminating the need for customers to fill out paperwork for every purchase.

* Reduces error by ensuring license buyers purchase the correct items needed for their interest.

By making licenses more convenient and efficient, ALDS also reduces costs and increases license revenues to the state.