This week the Information Technology Leaders Academy (ITLA) XVIII rolled out a their class project, a transition toolkit for IT consolidation, on the website. Each year the class selects a project to work on that will benefit the State IT community. This year ITLA XVIII participants chose to focus on IT Consolidation efforts mandated under Executive Order S-03-10, and later codified into law by the subsequent passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 2408, as it will touch most state entities.

ITLA XVII’s mission was to develop an operational approach, with recommended methods, processes, and guidelines, for departments to use in transitioning staff responsibilities to a federated IT model in support of a statewide enterprise architecture and consolidated infrastructure.

Led by the Executive Sponsor Christy Quinlan and class sponsors Chris Cruz, Nancy Johnson and Lt. Col. Keith Tresh, the team developed a web based tool kit that provides statewide operational guidelines for departments to use in transitioning staff responsibilities affected by the Infrastructure Consolidation Program (ICP). The ITLA class capstone was the rollout of the website and toolkit this week.
The team recognizes that change is hard and sometimes there is the fear that as we move into more standardization, as we move into different ways of doing business that it’s going to impact our jobs and it’s going to impact the way that we do our jobs. The teams change management approach is to share potential effects consolidation may have on staff roles and changes to the organizational structure of IT within a department or agency. At some point it will be necessary to take action and deal with these changes. The toolkit provides information, starting points, and suggestions that can be tailored to a departments needs in addressing these potential changes.

Please join me in congratulating the 3 Class Managers and 24 members representing departments across the state including the California Technology Agency, for working hard to contribute to the greater good as IT is ever more important to the efficient operation of government.

Class Managers:
Reggie Chappelle, CHP
Carol Meraji, FTB
Andrea Wallin-Rohmann, CDCR

Class Members:
G. Jay Arendt, CA National Guard
Rudy Artau, WRCB
Susanna Chung, FTB
Gilbert Cortez, DGS
Carrie Daves, CDCR
Alain Dehaze, OTech
Michele Elliott, CDCR
Ronald Fitzgerald, DHCS
Michael Fogarty, OTech
David Golden, Military Department
Stephanie Haugen, Finance
Monica Hopelian, OTech
Aaron Jones, DMH
Joe Kelly, CDFA
Adi Lingam, DMH
Scott J. McArdle, CDFA
Jason Painter, CDPH
Deborah Ray-Sims, CDFA
Ken Shepard, OSI
Carlos Talamantes, CDCR
Christian Turner, EDD
Betsy Vallejo, CDPH
Denise Yip, EDD
Jan Yoshioka, EDD