As the one of the Email Workgroup Executive Sponsors for the Statewide IT consolidation, I would like to update you on the progress we are making.  The initiative is part of AB 2408, the mandate to modernize the state’s technology infrastructure to reduce costs and energy usage while improving efficiency and security. On behalf of my Co-Executive Sponsor Andrew Armani and the Workgroup, I want to highlight the positive response and momentum seen by our group.

This week, I led the monthly Email Consolidation Workgroup meeting with more than 68 technical staff representing over 30 agencies attending.  Monica Hopelian representing California Technology Agency shared updates on Statewide AD Standards, Status of CES First Wave Group, Statewide Email Migration Plan and the proposed CES Communications Portal. Several key points were made during the email workgroup update:

•         The team recognized those departments that are participating in Wave 1 and will be publishing lessons learned through the process of migration to a proposed portal. A process of reviewing the many departments opting for the final wave 5 implementation is underway with consideration of preliminary work that needs to be conducted by departments.
•         Active Directory Standard and Practices are now published to the Enterprise Architecture Service Reference Model within the Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM).
•         Robert Baker of DHCS was announced as the new PM for leading workgroup.  The team recognized Dorothy Turner of CDFA for her efforts over the past year as PM over the workgroup.
•         CES service catalog and FAQs are now posted to the OTech website.
•         The project team intends to standup a CES project communications portal by the end of April to share project information with state departments. More information to follow.

For more information, the April 2011 email workgroup update is posted here.

For the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) of which I serve as Chief Information Officer, the benefits of email consolidation are very clear.   Email is one of DHCS’s mission critical applications.  Email failover redundancy and rapid restoration of email services is critical to our business. The new consolidated CES email solution offers much faster restoration capabilities than DHCS’s current system. It also provides us with the opportunity to streamline the use of our mobile computing devices and look at more cost effective and efficient solutions such as Smartphones and the Windows Mobile Application.