The state is making progress on the major initiative to consolidate email systems across the executive branch.  Through email consolidation, the state will reduce the operating cost for email, cut the energy usage required by email servers, and enhance email security.

The first wave of 13 departments consisting of approximately 15,000 users was established last week.  The Technology Agency is also currently vetting an active directory standard.

Email consolidation is being implemented using a phased approach.  The first two phases – preparation and assessment have been completed by all agencies. Some agencies have already migrated to the CA.Mail service hosted by OTech.   The agencies are in the process of determining whether they will use the CA.Mail solution hosted by the Office of Technology Service or California Email Services (CES) solution hosted by Microsoft.

Agencies will benefit from email consolidation through reduced software licensing and system maintenance costs.  Reduced maintenance requirements will free up employee resources to work on value added activities and ultimately lead to greater career mobility for IT staff. Once all email systems are consolidated, the state will save more than $9 million annually.

Email Workgroup Executive Sponsors Andrew Armani, CIO of the State and Consumer Services Agency, and Chris Cruz, the CIO of the Department of Health Care Services, are overseeing progress against goals established by work group members representing more than 30 state agencies.

Stay tuned for more updates on the state’s progress toward email consolidation.