Yesterday at the CIO Academy, a panel on AB 2408 was led by Adrian Farley, Chief Technology Officer and Acting Director of Technology Services and Josh Nisbet, Director, State of California Public Sector, CGI. The room was packed with more than 100 attendees. The two-day event is being held in Downtown Sacramento.

On the panel was Liana Bailey-Crimmins Chief Information Officer, Prison Health Care Services who shared the department collaboration in the build out of the Federated Data Center (FDC). California developed a centralized Tier III data center that is managed by a federation of state departments. The Federated Data Center is one of the three data center options that will be supported by the California Technology Agency under Chapter 404, Statutes of 2010 (AB 2408).

Also presenting was Paul Benedetto, Director, Office of Systems Integration and Agency Information Officer, Health and Human Services, who evangelized the benefits of consolidation in delivering value to the business. Representing a large share of the states IT portfolio, Paul was able to convey the key points of speaking with the business about consolidation.

The panel then addressed audience questions on IT consolidation including involving the business programs. Technology Agency now has a seat at the table and the panel agrees that our CIO’s needs to include the program executives with key discussions.

Consolidation continues on its goals including reducing energy, reducing our data center square footage, and moving mission-critical applications into key data centers. The Infrastructure Consolidation Program is working together with many individuals across the state to accomplish its mission.

Stay tuned for the release of the panel’s video this week.