Over the last few months the California Technology Agency has worked closely with agency and department IT leaders to create the 2011 California Statewide Strategic Plan.  In an effort to remain consistent, this Plan does not make alterations to the strategic concepts developed by the California State IT community in 2009 but does revamp their presentation.

The six Strategic Concepts outlined in the 2009 and 2010 Plans have been consolidated into three Strategic Goals that can be easily remembered and applied by the entire state IT community.

  • Goal 1:  Make Government Transparent, Accessible, and Secure
  • Goal 2:  Drive Innovation and Collaboration
  • Goal 3:  Make IT Reliable and Economic Through Consolidated Platforms and Shared Services

The creation of this plan involved engaging officials across state government to include the programmatic objectives of state agencies.  Its goal is to be strategic enough to provide a vision for the future yet specific enough that agencies and departments can relate to and identify their initiatives within the plan.   It also includes general strategies that ensure these goals are considered when developing and implementing projects.

The 2011 Statewide Strategic Plan shows the California Technology Agency’s commitment to working collaboratively with the IT community and state leaders to arrive at the best business results for the state.  This Plan offers guidance to policy-makers and is a tool to be used as new projects and policies are considered and developed.