The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) has successfully negotiated with Facebook to revise the standard terms of service for state and local governments through its “Pages” agreement. The revised terms resolve a series of legal issues identified after lengthy discussions by a NASCIO working group consisting of various states and Attorneys General.

According to NASCIO’s press release, the social networking site agreed to modify the provisions of its terms and conditions to:

* Strike the indemnity clause except to the extent indemnity is allowed by a state’s constitution or law;
* Strike language requiring that legal disputes be venued in California courts and adjudicated under California law;
* Require that a public agency include language directing consumers to its official Web site prominently on any Facebook page; and,
* Encourage amicable resolution between public entities and Facebook over any disputes.

The modifications will immediately apply to state and local government agencies already on Facebook.

Here is a link to NASCIO’s announcement on the new agreement.