Doug Robinson, Executive Director for the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) attended a regular meeting of the IT Council hosted in Sacramento by the State CIO’s Office. Based on the organization’s annual survey to identify and prioritize the top policy and technology issues facing state government, Robinson’s presentation covered a range of issues on the minds of CIOs around the nation. Below is his top 10 list for State CIO Priorities in 2011. The entire presentation is linked here.

1. Consolidation / Optimization: centralizing, consolidating services, operations, resources, infrastructure, data centers
2. Budget and Cost Control: managing budget reduction, strategies for savings, reducing or avoiding costs, activity based costing
3. Health Care: the Affordable Care Act, health enterprise architecture, assessment, partnering, implementation, health information exchange, technology solutions, MMIS
4. Cloud Computing: as a service delivery strategy; models, governance, service management, provisioning, security, privacy, data ownership
5. Shared Services: business models, sharing resources, services, infrastructure, independent of organizational structure
6. Governance: improving IT governance, data governance, partnering
7. Security: risk assessment, governance, authority and executive support; budget and resource requirements; insider threats; third party security practices; frameworks
8. Broadband and Connectivity: strengthening statewide connectivity, public safety wireless network, telehealth
9. Legacy modernization: enhancing, renovating, replacing, legacy platforms and applications, business process improvement
10. Data and Information Management: enhancing the role of data, information/intelligence, knowledge management