Last week, the Infrastructure Consolidation Program (ICP) partnered with Burton Group to present a forum on server virtualization held in Sacramento. Seventy-four state staff attended, representing 31 departments.  Our goal is to promote server virtualization for consolidating our state’s 10,000 servers and to start a user group on the Calinfo collaboration portal.

Led by the OCIO, the ICP is working to modernize California’s IT infrastructure to increase efficiency, reduce energy usage and save costs.

Our forum was kicked-off by OCIO Chief Deputy, Michael Locatis sharing the benefits of server virtualization, our state’s Enterprise Architecture virtualization standards and practices and our strategy of virtualization first for all new infrastructure projects and server refreshes.

As posted to the OCIO Wiki, the keynote by Burton’s Chris Wolf included Cloud HIaaS Reference Architecture, Building an Internal Cloud and Virtualization Best Practices.  Participants learned that virtualization is not just for consolidating workloads, but also key to supporting business and IT agility, improved service levels and availability.  The entire forum is available by video: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Our forum completed with participants responding to the server virtualization maturity survey. Highlights of the virtualization survey results included:

  • State of virtualization maturity:
    • 6% of departments have completed 100% of their server virtualization initiative;
    • 8% of departments have completed 75%;
    • 25% have completed 50%;
    • 33% of departments have completed 25%;
    • 6% of departments have completed formal plans;
    • 11% have a pilot in place;
    • 11% have not started
  • Target virtualization environments:
    • 68% VMware;
    • 14% Hyper-V;
    • 6% Both VMWare and Hyper-V environments;
    • 3% Linux;
    • 9% NA
  • Most important benefit of virtualization:
    • 28% identified cost savings;
    • 27% reduce footprint;
    • 23% simplify disaster recovery;
    • 15% legacy migration;
    • 7% reduce time-to-provision

State employees requesting to participate in future sessions of the server virtualization user group should contact

Together we have reached a major consolidation milestone. Consolidation continues on its goals including reducing energy, reducing our data center square footage, and moving mission-critical applications into key data centers.  The Infrastructure Consolidation Program is working together with many individuals across the state to accomplish its mission.