Article Posted by Carol Kelly, Project Director, Consolidation

Building upon his commitment to increase government efficiency through improvements to California’s information technology (IT) systems, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Executive Order (EO) S-03-10 in February 2010, which serves as the road map for further improvements in the system. The EO standardizes IT governance, increases transparency in spending to create greater cost savings, defined targets to reduce the total amount of data center square footage currently utilized by state agencies by 25 percent by July 2010 among several consolidation goals.

Today, the State Chief Information Officer Teri Takai announced a major milestone toward consolidation with the move from Office of Technology Services (OTech) Cannery Campus. Takai congratulated the OTech Cannery Move Team for their dedication and hard work.

The fourth of OTech mainframes was successfully moved from the Cannery Campus to Vacaville this past June. Coordinated with multiple state agencies and IT departments, the extraordinary teams made great sacrifices working through nights and weekends to finish this stage. We have freed up 75,000 square feet of space at the Cannery Campus—a huge step toward reaching the State of California’s IT consolidation goals.

Together we have reached a major consolidation milestone. Consolidation continues on its goals including reducing energy, reducing our data center square footage, and moving mission-critical applications into key data centers. The infrastructure consolidation program is working together with many individuals across the state to accomplish its mission.