The seismic retrofit of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has to be seen to be believed. That’s where the bridge’s websites truly deliver. and provide stunning front-row seats to one of the largest and most complex public works projects in California history. From spectacular videos showcasing amazing construction to interactive 3D models, these sites are transforming how the Bay Bridge informs and inspires audiences around the world and in its own backyard.

The Bay Bridge’s main website –– offers everything anyone would want to know about the seismic retrofit of the new Bay Bridge. The site provides a rich and deep reservoir of information and history, including project overviews, environmental protection efforts and live construction cameras. The latest update chronicles the construction of the new East Span’s most iconic element, the Self-Anchored Suspension Span, in addition to the completed West Span and West Approach seismic retrofits. An interactive 3D model depicts which sections have been placed, and mousing over these sections reveals information including stats, videos and photos. The page – – also offers a link to Google Earth, where visitors will find another interactive 3D model that allows users to take a tour of the bridge from any and every angle.

Bay Bridge 360 screen shot

Bay Bridge 360 Web site is a Webby Award winning website replete with rich media that allows bridge enthusiasts and the merely curious to watch in-depth and up-close videos and slideshows of astonishing construction that the public rarely gets to see. An innovative graphical interface lets visitors zoom in and out of sections of the bridge to watch footage of the extraordinary construction taking place right now.

Visitors now have a unique opportunity to watch history being made, at and

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