Dane Wilson, Manager, OTech Web Services Section

Dane Wilson
Manager, OTech Web Services Section
Office of the Chief Information Officer

On June first, we posted a video to the California YouTube channel to demonstrate the new, recently launched, CA.gov website. I commissioned the video to showcase the new designs and features of CA.gov. We’re also going to put out videos on our updated mobile.ca.gov and data.ca.gov websites within the next few days.
Like many states, we perform annual web design assessments and updates. We do this to make sure we continue to provide a useful, functionally-complete and service-rich web experience to the public. This year we redesigned the look of the CA.gov website and it is simply stunning.
The design was created by the Web Services team here at the Office of Technology Services. We got the fantastic Flash movie from the Department of Food and Agriculture and other last minute assistance to help out with the workload. I must admit, that we have outdone ourselves. I particularly like debunking the stereotype of unimaginative, automaton state workers that can only produce mediocre products.
The videos were designed to give everyone a tour of the updated sites. We hope they will help you all get started using the new site’s features, make it easier to find what you are looking for and do what you came to do. In addition, we’re hoping to showcase the beautiful new design of CA.gov aimed to inspire and remind everyone what a great place California is despite tough economic times.