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It’s a nice weekend, and you want to go fishing. If you’re new to fishing, or in an unfamiliar area, where should you go? If not everyone in your group has a license, where will you find the nearest place to purchase one?

The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has released a mobile Fishing Guide web application that provides access to fishing locations, latest fish planting sites and fishing license sales locations. The web app, which is optimized for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones, can be accessed by navigating to

The new web app has three components:

  1. Fishing Guide: The core Fishing Guide component provides a listing and maps of more than 1,500 fishing locations across the state. This includes locations that are accessible by car as well as back-country sites.
  2. Fish Planting Schedule: Recently planted locations often provide excellent fishing opportunities. Anglers can now use their mobile phones to quickly find the latest fish planting sites in their area.
  3. Fishing Licenses: Use your mobile phone to find one of the more than 1,600 locations around the state that sell fishing licenses.

DFG’s mobile Fishing Guide app was developed in collaboration with the Office of the State Chief Information Officer in conjunction with the newly designed portal. The Fishing Guide app can also be found by navigating to and clicking on “Recreation and Leisure.”

Additionally, content on the newly designed home page at has been reorganized with the two most common visitor types in mind. A section for anglers and hunters provides links to popular recreation pages such as regulations and license services. Another prominent section is targeted to those needing scientific or conservation services and information.

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