The Air Resources Board makes it easy for consumers to find the cleanest, most efficient cars that fit their lifestyle.  Since cars contribute over half of the smog forming emissions and nearly 40 percent of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in California, it is important for consumers to know they have a cleaner choice when buying a new car.

Benefits of the site include:

  • Easy search of vehicles, highlighting the cleanest models;
  • Simple vehicle comparisons that show smog and GHG emissions;
  • The latest information on the newest advanced technology cars;
  • Available incentive funding for advanced and alternative fuel cars; and,
  • Refueling locations for alternative fuel cars.

Since 2009, all cars sold in California are required to display the Environmental Performance Label.  This label provides two scores – a Smog Score and Global Warming Score, both from 1 to 10 with 10 being cleanest.  Drive Clean provides these scores for all cars certified and sold in California from the year 2000 on.  This is a great online tool for consumers to find the cleanest, most efficient cars available before they visit the dealership.

Drive Clean provides a variety of tools and functionalities to meet the needs of consumers looking to purchase a cleaner new car, used car or those just curious about how their current car ranks when it comes to smog and GHG emissions.  Consumers can search by:

  • Car type —  sedan, sports car or sport utility vehicle;
  • Make and model;
  • Technology and fuel type; or,
  • Environmental Performance Label Score.

The simplicity of the Drive Clean website makes finding a clean car fun and easy.

For more information, contact Lisa Chiladakis at the Air Resources Board at 916-327-2932 or visit