aims to empower Californians to improve the State’s future and protect its environment. is THE new one-stop-shop for all Californians – packed with quick, easy-to-use and reliable tools that all Californians need to save money and reduce their impact on the planet.  Resources have been developed for specific audiences: to help small businesses, households and individuals save money as they lower their carbon footprint. We also have resources for towns and cities, and a special section for schools. Tool and resources on the site include:

  • California-specific Carbon Footprint Calculators – for households and small businesses.
    • Users can quickly estimate carbon footprints;
    • Compare their results to similar users (California, U.S. and world-wide)
    • And, pledge to take action with customizable actions to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Money Saving Actions –tips and strategies in the areas of energy efficiency, transportation, green building, water use, waste reduction, and more!
  • Financial Resources – rebate and incentive information for climate-related projects offered throughout the state.
  • Success Stories – real life examples of local governments and small businesses who have already successfully and profitably reduced their environmental impact.
  • Social Networking – follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get up-to-date tips, news, and rebates

The founding partners include State Government Agencies, Academics and a nonprofit organization.  But is designed for the people of California, and many Californians have provided input that shaped the site.

For more information, please contact Stanley Young at the Air Resources Board at 916-322-1309 or or visit