Welcome to the State of California

June 28–The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has released a mobile application to locate hospitals and long-term care facilities throughout California.  The application, which is optimized for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphone can be accessed through www.m.ca.gov.  Once the application is open, choose Health Services to access the hospitals and long-term care locators and maps.

Hospitals:  More than 500 hospitals are listed.  The list can be searched by the hospital name or by the name of a county for a list of all hospitals within the selected county.

Long-Term Care Facilities:  More than 2,500 long-term care facilities are listed.  The long-term care facilities are listed under the name of the county in which they are located.

The mobile application for locating California health facilities was developed in collaboration with the Office of the State Chief Information Officer in conjunction with the newly designed CA.gov portal.

For more information, contact Al Lundeen with California Department of Public Health at Al.Lundeen@cdph.ca.gov or

(916) 440-7259.