People who want to know what the air quality is in their town can now find out with the click of a mouse. The California Air Resources Board provides real-time online information from air quality monitors around the state to help residents, communities, school administrators and healthcare providers make decisions about air pollution levels and planned outdoor activities.

Benefits of the tool include:

  • One-stop shop to learn about ozone and fine particle levels in your area or statewide;
  • Ability to get regional air quality information or drill down to one local site in your neighborhood;
  • Maps and graphs that show air quality in your region;
  • Historical weather and smog episode data back to 1980; and,
  • The most robust air monitoring network in the United States feeds the site.

ARB’s real-time data are used to determine the Air Quality Index (AQI) which helps health organizations, schools and the media inform high risk groups such as patients, children, and the elderly to take necessary precautions on high index days. The data also play a vital role in optimizing daily air resources decisions such as agricultural burning and other smoke related activities.

For more detailed information please visit:

Public Information Contact: Gennet Paauwe (916) 322-2990