Article Posted by Jack Gibbons, Principal

Each year the IT Manager’s Academy (ITMA) has a class project. This year’s class implemented a collaboration portal for state IT professionals. "Calinfo" debuts today at the Government Technology Conference.

What is Calinfo? ….and why you should care

The site contains a wiki, forums, areas for document sharing and blogging, and a calendar of events. Yes, I know this has been done before…. in various ways and with mixed results. There have been state wikis and forums where the activity never reached that tipping point necessary to sustain them long-term. It’s all about the content. Given the current budgetary/resource constraints, who can afford time on a site that that does not have content that helps you get your job done?

The thing is.., we are the ones that have that useful content. The 10,000+ state IT professionals have an opportunity to both share useful products and receive useful content. Calinfo represents a framework for a future, content-rich site that many state IT communities will find useful. All of us have created (or re-created) products that would benefit other agencies, whether scripts to share, contract statements of work, project management plans, server configurations… the list could fill this blog. Leveraging existing assets should not be limited to the current efforts related to storage, or data center space, or servers. We have significant people capital and valuable work that is done every day. The current model of individual organizations duplicating work done in other organizations is not sustainable.

So, let’s treat this as a "Pay IT forward" exercise. Calinfo is being introduced today, but it will take some time to have a substantial amount of content. Click on the link below, register, and join in on our newest online tool to redefine the term "peer-to-peer network". Or, come by the ITMA booth at GTC and you can kick the tires and tell us what you think. A state email account is required to register.