Article Posted by Rob Schmidt, Project Manager, Consolidation

As the OCIO moves ahead in implementing the Governor’s Executive Order S-03-10 to consolidate the state’s IT infrastructure, this week the Infrastructure Consolidation Program (ICP) team released the Server virtualization practices documents for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtualization environments.

As shared in the 2010 Update to the California IT Strategic Plan, the state has over 10,000 servers. The State seeks to reduce the server count by 50% by FY2013/14 through consolidation and server virtualization.

The Server and Virtualization workgroup team members have truly demonstrated collaboration to best define the virtualization practices for the state. As led by Executive Sponsors Tim Garza and Richard Gillihan, I would like to recognize the statewide team who has worked hard over the last 5 months:

  • Blake Rushworth, Department of Conservation
  • Brian Amos, Department of Health Care Services
  • Casey Evans, Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Chris Dove, Department of Finance
  • Chris Staniar, Employment Development Department
  • Cliff Stayton, Housing and Community Development
  • Dan Marksbury, CalFire
  • David Derks, Employment Development Department
  • Doug Novak, Department of Fish and Game
  • Erich Cress, State Lands Commission
  • Jerry Lee, Employment Development Department
  • Kevin Hudgens, Board of Equalization
  • Laura Lichtenberger, Employment Development Department
  • Richard Harmonson, California Emergency Management Agency
  • Robert Dolliver, Department of Water Resources
  • Richard Rogers, Employment Development Department
  • Robert Stuart, Department of Fish and Game
  • Ron Souther, Office of Technology Services
  • Ru Ma, Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Russ Leong, Office of Technology Services
  • Scott MacDonald, California Department of Corrections
  • Sergio Guiterrez, Department of Insurance
  • Steve Sax, Employment Development Department
  • Tony Woo, California Energy Commission
  • Vince Leong, Employment Development Department
  • Wesley Major, Department of Finance

We encourage Subject Matter Experts to get involved with IT Consolidation by sharing their interest with their Chief Information Officer and the ICP office.