Article Posted by Carol Kelly, Project Director, Consolidation

The E-Hub Statewide Procurement and Implementation Team has been honored with a Best of California award from the Center for Digital Government. The E-Hub team won a Leadership Award for "Leadership in Solving Business and Policy Problems Through Security Technology."

The state has approximately 150,000 email inboxes in the Executive Branch and receives approximately 10-15 million emails daily of which 85% are spam messages. Over the last year and a half we have been focused on having a statewide approach to email security to improve our infrastructure.

Winning this award is very exciting for us, and I am so proud of our team and the work they have been doing to create a security solution for anti-spam, virus protection, and encryption services for all executive branch email. The solution is currently being deployed as a statewide enhancement to executive branch email systems.

For nearly a year, the team has taken the time to develop the requirements for the consolidated service, develop the procurement document, evaluate bid responses, and award the procurement for use by all state departments.

The technical members of the bid team continue to meet on a regular basis, setting statewide parameters for implementation as well as developing the processes and procedures for implementation. The team has taken ownership of the statewide solution, and will continue developing enhancements as new features/functions become available.

This team has truly demonstrated collaboration, considering departments’ unique requirements in order to define the best email security solution for the state. I would like to recognize the team who has worked so hard over the last year:

  • Tiffany Angulo, Office of Technology Services
  • Marc Hammonds, Office of Technology Services
  • Monica Hopelian, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Gary Leong, Labor and Workforce Development Agency
  • Ron Mendoza, Franchise Tax Board
  • Peter McCarthy, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Our focus has been on one of the most critical objectives of the OCIO — to improve the security and integrity of the state’s email environment (inbound, outbound, and interdepartmental email). When we started, there were more than 100 separate email systems within the state with disparate architectures to handle mail hygiene (spam, anti-virus, etc.). We are now consolidating this environment into a single solution addressing mail hygiene.

Our email systems must balance the need for strong security, recognize the highly sensitive and confidential nature of many emails, and recognize email as one of the most common targets for intrusion attacks.

Benefits from E-Hub include:

  • Improved security and protection of email services with the establishment of formal monitoring and incident handling processes;
  • Reduced network load as mail hygiene is performed at the network border;
  • Enable email encryption as an option;
  • Consistent toolsets and policies for email management; and,
  • Centralized administration.

I am so very proud of our team!