Article Posted by Leo Barnes, Planning & Policy Unit, Office of Technology Services (OTech)

Nearly 200 people attended the 8th Annual IT Security Awareness Fair in October. The Office of Technology Services hosted the event to raise security awareness and empower the State’s approximately 130 Chief Information Officers (CIO) and 10,000 IT State employees to improve their security practices.

The two-day event featured keynote presentations by State CIO Teri Takai, and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Mark Weatherford.

Teri talked about strategic goals, IT Consolidation, Green IT, and Transparency. (Watch keynote speech highlights)

Mark spoke about the accomplishments from the past 16 months since he has been the CISO, and his priorities for the future. "I’ve seen a lot of progress in the way we protect our technology assets, our citizens’ information, and the overall awareness of cyber security and state government," he said. "The nature of information security is changing. Enterprise is the new buzzword. Working on our own issues and our own silos is not going to cut it anymore. Our collective future is going to be significantly different than our individual past. And we need to work together to ensure we make our security community’s priorities a part of that future." (Transcript)

Workshop sessions, many of which were so popular they were standing room only, focused on a variety of important IT security topics:

  • Social Networking and Cyber Security
  • The Importance Computer Forensics in eDiscovery
  • Cloud Security
  • Hacking Application Security
  • Domain Name Service Security
  • Fraud Prevention
  • EHub eMail Encryption Service
  • Risks of Social Networking and Available Defenses
  • Web Application Penetration
  • The Gartner 2010 Cyberthreat Landscape
  • Low and No Cost Training Options for The Budget Conscious
  • EHub eMail Hygiene Service Overview & Technical Discussion
  • Identity Management Tools For Today

Presentation slides of the event can be accessed at