Article Posted by P.K. Agarwal, Director, Office of Technology Services (OTech)

What’s green, inexpensive, and saves thousands of trees each year? The answer is Go-Online! Go-Online provides an alternative to physical media such as print, tape, or Microfiche.

Beginning November 1, 2009 the Office of Technology Services (OTech) will migrate all customer mainframe output from paper printed at its outsourced print vendor to online viewing. OTech’s state agency customers that routinely order printed reports based on data we store or manage, ranging from lists of individuals who receive state benefits to itemized inventories of available server space, and many other types of reports, will now receive the information in electronic form. This move supports the Governor’s Green initiative and addresses the rising cost of printing services and security breaches which arise from media handling and transportation.

Go-Online reduces print output, microfiche production, and report delivery. At the same time, Go-Online provides the right information, to the right people via the mainframe or through a web-based browser, while saving hundreds or even thousands of pages of printed data. Go-Online allows customers to view their data online, email it, and print a report from a local printer.

Go-Online reduces operational costs for those that rely on tape, print, or microfiche by decreasing the space consumed by printed paper and eliminating the need for special equipment to read documents that have been optically reduced (microfiche). Customers can access their reports at lower costs while maintaining service quality.

Through the implementation of Go-Online, OTech hopes to reduce the state’s carbon footprint. Each year, OTech processes 9 million feet of print (or 26 tons of paper) — the equivalent of 625 fully mature trees.

Additional information on Go-Online, including Frequently Asked Questions, manuals, and examples are available on the OTech web site (