Article Posted by Christy Quinlan, Chief Deputy Director

I am excited to announce that the OCIO, in partnership with the State Personnel Board (SPB) and other department’s IT subject matter experts, are continuing to increase the availability of Open Continuous Online testing for IT classifications within the state. By doing so, we are able to change the decades-old antiquated testing processes which no longer fit the state’s IT resource needs.

We are now able to hire staff quicker and provide higher level opportunities which have the potential to greatly enhance our IT Workforce. Open Continuous Online testing saves time and money and allows us to take advantage of recruiting talent as it becomes available.

Candidates are now able to test and apply for positions 24/7.   The current IT Exam Schedule for the Open Continuous Online testing, the link for the SPB testing and other relevant information is now available on our newly released ‘Jobs’ webpage on our website. We look forward to expanding our efforts of online testing in our continuing effort to modernize the hiring of talented IT staff and putting the right talent, in the right job, at the right time.