Article Posted by Lee Mosbrucker, Acting Enterprise Architect

I am pleased to announce the release of the "Statewide Data Strategy Report" (pdf).

This report represents a significant first step toward the state’s strategic goal of managing data as an asset. The strategy laid out in this report identifies a common approach for data which will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of state government and enable the state to provide better services to California’s residents and businesses.

In this report we describe the architecture and action plan necessary to realize a common and shared data environment. With a common shared data environment, the state can develop "data as a service" for the core data that all government entities use. This approach eliminates the duplication of stored data and maximizes the state’s investment in data resources. In addition, this strategy will allow the real value of the data housed in state systems to be accessible to policy makers and the public so that it can inform the policy decisions California faces.

Central to this strategy is the implementation of a secure and shared network that facilitates data sharing, data integration, and data warehouse consolidation. The Report identifies specific action items and next steps to accomplish the nine initiatives that should be undertaken to implement this strategy, including:

  1. Security Architecture
  2. Infrastructure Configuration
  3. Master Data Repository
  4. Enterprise Content Management
  5. Enterprise Service Bus
  6. Develop Web Services
  7. Metadata Repository
  8. Trading Partner Framework
  9. Data Warehouse Consolidation

On behalf of the Office of the State CIO, I would like to thank state agencies and departments for so freely sharing their data and participating in the surveys and meetings that were critical to the development of this strategy. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our partners to ensure that Californians realize the many benefits of the state’s data assets.