Article by Joe Camicia posted on The Tech Blog on 5/14/09

As our agency works on securing ARRA stimulus funding for broadband projects, I just want to give an update with where we are in the process. The OCIO is working with the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Emerging Technology Fund and local government representatives to share information, discuss projects and provide what guidance we can to ensure that California receives our fair share of ARRA stimulus dollars.

We do know that there are two sources of funding – $4.7 billion from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and $2.5 billion from the Rural Service Utility. There will also be $350 million available for broadband mapping.

Our focus will be on funding projects that create jobs and adhere to the seven goals in the 2008 Report of the Governor’s Broadband Taskforce, which by the way you can click here to view.

In anticipation of a short turnaround time for project submittals, we are taking proposal concepts to get a sense of what ideas are out there. Anyone interested in submitting a proposal concept can visit the website for more information.

The rules and regulations governing stimulus funding for broadband are expected to be released in late June or early July. Stay tuned.