Article Posted by Jon Dickinson, Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs

As a new feature to the OCIO website, we have added an input form for our business partners to submit ideas as state departments and agencies work on their individual IT consolidation plans, a component of the Governor’s Reorganization Plan which took effect on May 10, 2009. The OCIO has invited IT vendors to partner with the State as we move forward to modernize IT programs.

Companies interested in participating are asked to submit information by accessing our online form.

The OCIO is soliciting help from IT companies who have expertise in specific areas of consolidation, including: portfolio management, project management, green IT, email, storage, networks, physical servers, and data centers.

The information provided will help the OCIO set a schedule for presentations by companies based on the consolidation categories. Presentations will be scheduled for state IT executives in the month of June, continuing onward until there is no longer a need for them.

There is no deadline for submissions, but we advise companies to send in their information as soon as possible. The OCIO will be following up with companies individually for additional steps.