Article Posted by P.K. Agarwal, Director, Office of Technology Services (OTech)

OTech Executives recently completed developing enterprise performance measures which we will be publishing July 1st. Although we have routinely measured availability of various services we did not have a group of enterprise measures that we could use as a scorecard for OTech. By developing measures around our service offerings we gain an overall picture of how OTech is doing.

Our Executive team identified measures in four primary service areas; application hosting, equipment hosting (Customer Owned Managed Equipment Services), networks and telecommunications, and new shared services such as Statewide Email. Generally the measures cover availability and capacity for each service area including security. However, we also have measures for our efforts in Green IT and various administrative functions such as employee turnover and financial performance.

Developing the measures only begins the process. Our Executive team will be meeting quarterly to review and discuss these measures. We view this as an evolving effort and expect to continually fine tune our measures, ultimately providing our customers with better service.