Article Posted by Mark Weatherford, Director and Chief Information Security Officer, California Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection

05/06/09 Video Blog

As part of the town hall we had a couple hundred people show up today from all the different staffs within DTS. And really what we want to do is kind of share the process with them, share that we have a transition team set up, and we have subcommittees on that transition team that are addressing many of the more mechanical issues with conducting a transition like this.

But the biggest part of doing something like this is the communications piece of it, so gathering a group of people like that and allowing them to ask questions, making sure that we have a consistent message out, is the most critical part of a big evolution like this.

So we took a lot of questions today. There were some questions that were unexpected and kind of hard, but we’ve actually set up a process where not only do we take in the questions today, we’re turning those questions into a FAQ that will be available to everyone. We’re taking questions online at So any way that we can, to answer questions for the staffs for the different organization involved in the GRP, we want to manage that communication as well as we can.

The dialogue was very interactive, the staff was very engaged. Both P.K. and Teri did a very good job, I think, of answering the questions and drawing out some good responses and some good questions from the staff, so a very engaging, fairly lively discussion. We had both online submissions of questions that we were able to take in real time and answer those, in addition to just the spontaneous questions from the crowd. I thought it was a very good opportunity for the staff to do that, and it did give everyone — everyone — an opportunity to address whatever they wanted.


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