Article Posted by Jon Dickinson, OCIO Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs

04/03/09 Video Blog

We’re having the event on Monday really for two reasons. One, the Office of the State Chief Information Officer, when it was created in January of 2008, one of its goals was to be more transparent with the public in general, with departments and agencies, about California IT direction, and with our vendor community, our private sector partners, to give them the ability to come to us with projects and emerging technologies that can help us deliver services to California better.

To be more transparent, we felt a Strategic Initiative Overview event would be the best way for us to get our concepts and our documents out to the public and publish them so that they can come back to us with ideas.

We did our first event in late February. We had an overwhelming response, a lot of people wanted to attend, and unfortunately we didn’t have enough space for them we webcast that event, and that is on our website, currently.

We felt that to have a robust Strategic Initiative Overview you had to have the directors and the chief deputies involved with those issues that affect IT vendors and agency information officers, so we developed an agenda that included the State CIO Teri Takai, the Director of the Department of Technology Services P. K. Agarwal, the Director of the Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection Mark Weatherford, and the Chief Deputy for Procurement at Department of General Services Jim Butler.

The event is being held at the California Department of Food and Agriculture Auditorium at 1220 N Street on April 6th, Monday, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.